Some of the greatest wealth ever created in the stock market will happen over the next decade.

With inflation and supply chain issues currently being pushed by the media, you may be wondering how that could be possible.

Easy, the media likes to sell fear…

The media sells more newspapers and gets more people to turn on their channel when the headline represents fear. That’s how it has always has been, and that’s how it will always be.

It doesn’t mean there aren’t concerns because there certainly are. However, many Wall Street analysts are licking their chops at what’s about to unfold in front of them.

The US economy is on the verge of a massive expansion, and all the insiders know it. The media keeps peddling their fear tactics, and for those who are not careful, their long-term golden positions could be cut short due to media hype.

Over the next ten years, there will be some amazing opportunities, specifically in the technology sector.

The current environment reminds me a lot of the 1990s when the Internet started to go mainstream.

However, not everyone thought the 1990s would be a success. You see, between 1982 and 1989 the market more than doubled. It was thought that stocks already had an incredible run in that you should take your profits and get out.

The Washington Post, the New York Times, and Business Week were hyping fear as we entered the 1990s. But then the 1990s came along, and it was an even bigger success in the previous decade. The market quadrupled in value, making it one of the best decades ever for stocks.

For people who invested in the right companies, the profits for substantially larger. Microsoft, Cisco Systems, Intel, and America Online turn their investors into millionaires overnight.

These companies developed technologies that allowed businesses to do things better, cheaper, and faster. That means big profits are to follow!

Today, we are seeing the same setup as in the early 1990s. However, this time the technology slope is going to be even more powerful. By the end of this decade, I can assure you that your lives will be completely different than they are today.

  • Artificial intelligence will be a staple in every significant business.
  • Healthcare will be radically different than it is today. Gene editing will wipe out many of the ailments that plague our country today. And this is just one of several technologies making their way to the front of our healthcare system.
  • Electric vehicles will dominate the roadways.
  • Driverless vehicles will become the norm, and the whole transportation industry will be revolutionized.

Several technologies will converge to create opportunities that we haven’t even thought of today. The possibilities are endless when you mix artificial intelligence, 5G networks, revolutionary battery technology, quantum computing, genomics, and the whole arsenal of other innovative technologies.

People got rich during the dot-com boom of the 1990s, but that’s nothing compared to what we were going to see over the next decade.

Technology is growing at an exponential rate. By the end of the decade, you’ll see more rapid changes in a single year than what we saw and the whole 1990s combined.

But to profit from this next wave of technology, you need to be in the correct names and be able to tolerate short-term volatility when the media headlines start to pile up.

Of course, you could buy the FAANG names. Companies like Facebook (FB), Apple (AAPL), Amazon (AMZN), Netflix (NFLX), and Alphabet (GOOGL) will likely do well. But the truly innovative companies, the companies that are small today but will climb their way to the top of the S&P 500, is where the real money will be made. I’m talking about being able to make 10,000% on your capital. In other words, a company that will allow you to turn a $10,000 investment into $1 million.

Our goal at Option Strategies Insider is to find these 100X companies. Of course, these are riskier, but if we can find a few of these 100X companies, our financial well-being will be highly secured by the end of the decade.

The opportunity is there, and we plan on capturing it!

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