The Option Strategies Insider Story

We know options. In fact, we wrote several books on them.

At Option Strategies insider, we believe in a better way to trade options. A superior strategy and a more profitable way for traders to grow their portfolio every month. We are obsessively passionate about what we do and our mission is to help others achieve similar success. We focus on combining quality research with market conditions and volatility. This is one of the rarest approaches to the market, and it gives us a superior opportunity: We are excited to simplify option trading for everyone through our education, research, and community.

Our Founder

Our founder has a long history with options and an extensive education in finance. Holding an MBA and multiple finance degrees, Chris has put in the time and effort to learning the market fundamentals. As a professional trader for TFM, Spear, Leads & Kellogg and Goldman Sachs, Chris was fortunate to be trained by the top companies in the world and to work alongside some of the best options traders in the business.

With over 20 years in the industry, Chris continues to give back by becoming a successful financial and wealth management author, while sticking with his goal to train new options traders with the keys to a successful and sustainable options trading practice that will last a lifetime.

The Story

In 2014 our founder Chris consulted for a man named Jim who was duped into signing up to an expensive option trade alert service that offered no logic on why trades were being entered into or any sort of exit strategy. The site counted losses as wins and posted returns based on if the trade was closed at the absolute best possible time, even though no closing trade was ever posted. Using this crocked reporting system, the site posted returns over 100%, but Jim continued to lose big money. After looking deeper, it was discovered that the site was run by people with no professional options trading experience or any education in finance. It was here that Chris decided to create Option Strategies Insider, so people could see and understand the correct mythologies and strategies to trade.  

Why Choose Option Strategies Insider?

Lead by Example

Founder Option Strategies Insider

Dear investor,

Learning how to trade options property can lead to more wealth than any other form of investment. I am not going to tell you it’s easy, because it's not. But once learned, you will have a viable skill that can lead to great wealth that no one can take away from you.

The best part about options is that it never changes, unlike other online businesses that get disrupted or cease to exist over time, options trading knowledge is a viable skill that can be applied forever. Once you have the skill it’s yours to use for your entire life!

This is why I am such a proponent for learning how to trade options the right way from the start.

I am so serious about teaching people properly; I am giving you my beginning options course 100% free. And I promise not to make you watch some boring PowerPoint presentation either. No way!

I only have highly produced animated videos, so you can learn by visualization and have fun while doing it.

I have one of the highest success rates and best-reviewed option services online. I want to make sure you get to where you want to be and I want to be the one to get you there.  

So What's Your Next Wealth Building Plan?

Option Strategies Insider is the true and easy way to understanding options strategies while trading with confidence. Grow you're opportunities today.

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