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Welcome to Option Strategies Insider, your gateway to financial freedom. Embrace a superior strategy for robust portfolio growth. Our mission is to empower you with our passionate dedication to success. Through our unique approach, blending quality research with market conditions and volatility, we offer exceptional opportunities. Prepare to unlock the excitement of simplified options trading with our education, research, and supportive community. Together, we embark on a transformative journey towards the life you envision - one of financial freedom and empowerment!

Chris Douthit

Our Founder

With a rich educational background, including an MBA and multiple finance degrees, Chris has forged his path through the finance industry, excelling as a professional trader at renowned institutions like TFM, Spear, Leads & Kellogg, and Goldman Sachs. Benefitting from top-tier training and working alongside the industry's finest, Chris has amassed over nearly 25 years of invaluable experience.

Now, his mission is to guide and mentor aspiring options traders, imparting the exact strategies that have yielded him unparalleled success. Members now have instant access to Chris's profound insights and wealth of expertise as he equips traders with the tools to build a thriving portfolio so that anyone can make smart choices and get on the path to financial freedom.

The Story

In 2014 our founder Chris consulted for a man named Jim who was duped into signing up to an expensive option trade alert service that offered no logic on why trades were being entered into or any sort of exit strategy. The site counted losses as wins and posted returns based on if the trade was closed at the absolute best possible time, even though no closing trade was ever posted. Using this crocked reporting system, the site posted returns over 100%, but Jim continued to lose big money. After looking deeper, it was discovered that the site was run by people with no professional options trading experience or any education in finance. It was here that Chris decided to create Option Strategies Insider, so people could see and understand the correct mythologies and strategies to trade.  

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Lead by Example

Founder Option Strategies Insider

Dear Future Market Insider,

Welcome to an extraordinary opportunity that can unlock the doors to untold wealth - options trading done right! I won't sugarcoat it; mastering options trading demands effort and dedication. However, once you grasp the art, you'll possess a powerful skill that can lead to lasting financial prosperity, resilient against any challenges.

The beauty of options lies in their timeless nature. Unlike other online ventures that fade away or get disrupted, options trading knowledge remains a valuable asset forever. Once you acquire this skill, it's yours to harness throughout your entire life!

That's precisely why I am a staunch advocate for learning options trading correctly from the outset.

To demonstrate my commitment to proper education, I am delighted to offer you my beginning options course entirely FREE. And rest assured, this isn't some dull PowerPoint presentation. Oh no! Prepare for a thrilling experience with my highly produced animated videos, designed for visualization and enjoyment while you learn.

My credentials speak for themselves - one of the highest success rates and most acclaimed option services online. I am wholeheartedly dedicated to guiding you towards your desired destination, and I'm honored to be your mentor on this exciting journey.

Embrace this opportunity now, and let's embark on a path to financial success together!

Yours sincerely,

Chris Douthit

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