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Testimonial from James

I have been working with options for nearly 30 years, I was a portfolio manager and an options education instructor for Bear Stearns before finally retiring. Let me just tell you, I was fully impressed with your services. Your videos are clean, easy to follow, and paint the perfect picture for trading options the right way. But what I really found valuable was your trading analysis. Your ability to find trades and then take the time to write a full report puts you one step above. You’re a true professional who cares about his clients.

James G.

You guys really know the market, after reading one of your reports I thought, “wow, I’m getting in on this.” And I am glad I did. You guys look at the market with a microscope and find the tiniest details that end up having a massive effect on value. I’m excited every time I see a new trade has posted and look forward to reading each trade reports. I am so much more confident in my trading now that I have found you!

Sam C.

Testimonial from Harold

I have been on a mission to learn options, it started a few years ago when I bought a book off Amazon, but soon found it to be too confusing to continue. Then about six months ago I watched one of your competitors’ courses and it wasn’t much better, it was just a lot of talk and words on the screen. I then somehow found Option Strategies Insider, and am I glad I did. You did an excellent job of taking a complicated topic and making it easy for anyone to understand. Amazing presentation, I am so glad I found your site.  

Harold B.