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We offer the right solution for all types of traders and for all types of needs – leaving you with the most opportunities to profit. Select from three different membership types, perfect for every level of desire and commitment.

Three Membership Types

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The Free Membership gives you access to all of our award winning training.

The Executive Membership also includes high probability alerts, forums, and plugins.

Ultra Membership

The Ultra Membership also includes our long-term deep dive trade alerts.

Ultra Membership





Our Ultra Membership normally sells for $1670 and is for traders looking to make a definitive commitment to their financial future. Here we use options to beat the market by providing traders with highly researched trades so that we may capitalize on volatility and discrepancies within the market, while also including long-term powerplay investment types that can result in massive returns in a single trade. Here we dig deep to find that rare situation that we can explode over time. The Ultra membership releases four to eight trades monthly.

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All testimonials are from real members who have learned options through our system

Thank you for guidance and help with options. I am a new member, only in my second month of membership, but I have got a lot out of the coaching. The videos are clear and communicate the fundamental of options in a clear and concise way. Appreciate the help!

Matt G.

I closed your recommendations of SPX yesterday and AZO today for nice profits and could not be happier with the research and the recommendations you guys have provided. Your option trading skills are second to none, having this site on my side make option trading a lot more fun.

Jason M.

I found Chris to be very honest and upfront with his trading method. He really does a great job of teaching in a way that makes a lot of sense. I can tell he really cares about this students and is consistently finding ways to help them become better traders for the long run.

William R.

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