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It may come as a surprise to many investors, but currently, Chinese citizens are not able to legally buy their own countries stocks.

That may seem backward, but that’s just the way it is over in China.

Though, it might not stay that way for long. Things are changing over in China, and one of the things I want to be on board with is Chinese stocks once their nearly 1.4 billion Chinese people are finally allowed to buy their own equities.

Many of the biggest Chinese companies trade in the US, and fortunately for us, we have access to many of their listing, so we may invest before the laws change in China. Once they do, we can take advantage of the vast increase in demand that is soon to follow.

Most people are not talking about Chinese stock listings because most don’t even know it’s happening. You won’t see it on CNBC or anywhere else, this story is only for Option Strategies Insider Ultra members.

Just imagine if you were not allowed buy the most adored US tech companies, but some other country could. Stocks like Amazon, Netflix, and Apple, not available to you, but owned by some foreigner. Makes no sense, right?

Well, guess what, Chinese President Xi Jinping announced last year that he’s launching the Chinese version of Nasdaq. And what do you think is going to happen when nearly 1.4 billion suddenly have access to a highly demanded market that they have been begging to get access to for decades?

This is why I want to dig deep and not only find the market that is about to explode, but also the company that is going to see a considerable surge in wealth over the next few years and I think I got it!

              How China Is Going To Help Change the World

One thing that most people can all agree on is how much we hate being stuck in traffic. The average person wastes over 40 hours a year stuck in traffic, and for major cities, it can be astronomically worse.

And although the wasted time can be frustrating, the dangers of driving is even worse.

Most have probably been in a car accident at some point in their life.

I tell a story about how a narrowly avoided a massive freeway pileup when the car in front of me went out of its lane, striking the vehicle beside it, and ultimately turning sideways during rush-hour traffic.

I was lucky, I sharply turned my wheel to the right going 70 mph without looking and narrowly missing the sideways vehicle by inches. Fortunately there was no one directly beside me. However, several cars behind me were not so lucky, as I saw from my rear-view mirror the pileup beginning to form.

However, my luck ran out at the end of 2017. While driving along the freeway, a young girl with no license or insurance made a swift lane change right into the side of my car before I could react causing me to dislocate my shoulder and producing several disc issues in my back. Issues I still deal with today.

The fact is these types of stories are not uncommon. Every year 1.2 million people are killed from automobile accidents, and another 30 to 40 million are injured due to negligent drivers. It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when. In the US alone, 6 million car accidents happen every year!

And nearly all of these deaths are caused by some human error.

In the last 100 years, 3.5 million people have been killed by automobiles in the US. Just to put that in perspective, that is 3x more deaths than all US soldier deaths since this country was first founded.

The movement for driverless cars is not just so we can make it easy to text while driving, but so we can all be safe. It’s a madhouse out there!

Driverless cars are an innovation that will change the world by eliminating human error when driving.

This, of course, is also in addition to allowing people to make the most of their time when in a vehicle. Most people spend up to a half-hour commenting each way to work. Now imagine if they could be on the phone or doing some other form of work while actually on their commute.

It’s estimated that autonomous vehicles will give US residents up to 120 hours back per year.

              Is It Really Safer?

Many people question whether or not autonomous vehicles are going to be safer. No one wants to leave their life in the hand of a robot. Although it will take some time to get there, robots can be programmed not to make mistakes, humans can’t.

For example, it takes the average human roughly one second to react to an incident and apply the brakes. Autonomous vehicles can apply the brakes in just a tenth of a second. That is an improvement of nearly 10X as fast.

That’s not the only advantage; autonomous vehicles will be able to communicate with one another to coordinate speed and pass through intersections or merge seamlessly. No more of the jerk next to you not letting you in.

Autonomous vehicles are going to be a massive development in the world, and there is one company that I like to lead the way on this development which is also going to benefit from the new Chinese Nasdaq.

              The Company Most Don’t Even Know About

Baidu (BIDU) is a $40 billion Chinese tech company that is leading the way when it comes to Autonomous vehicles.

When most people think of Autonomous vehicle innovation, they think of Google or Uber, but for this technology to work, it is far more significant than any one organization. There is just too much involved, one company cannot do it all.

Baidu has created the self-driving initiative called Apollo, which is a free, open-source, scalable solution. With Apollo, organizations around the world will be able to share information that all developers can tap into.

Currently, 135 companies have partnered with Baidu, and many of them are the most prominent players in the space. Some companies that come to mind include, Microsoft, Nvidia, Intel, BMW, Honda, Ford, Jaguar Land Rover, Hyundai, and several others.

This network of developers is pushing Baidu technology and proving to be a brilliant approach for the autonomous vehicle developer. The company that has access to the most data will have a significant leg-up on the autonomous vehicle innovation.

That’s because the key to autonomous vehicle is their artificial intelligence (AI), which is a learning machine. The AI makes mistakes while it drives, it then learns from those mistakes, until it finds the perfect method of operating.

Once it learns how to handle an intersection or take a corner, it will then share those details with other autonomous vehicles on the road.

By keeping Apollo open source, it has an arsenal of data streaming in.

              Where Are We At Now?

Baidu is not messing around, it’s autonomous vehicle can now navigate through unprotected intersections with no traffic light, complete turns, while sorting out issues at the intersection.

The company has a hefty goal to have a completely autonomous vehicle by the end of 2021.

So far Baidu has:

  • Using Baidu technology, a partner company has completed over 1000 autonomous vehicle deliveries to Walmart.
  • Produced 100 autonomous vehicle minibusses.
  • Plans to put 100 autonomous vehicle taxies on the road in China.

These are all things that are in the works right now. Technology moves fast, if you see disruption happening and don’t do anything about it, it may just pass you by.

              Core Business

Only a small fraction of our readers may have even heard of Baidu, but the autonomous vehicle is hardly its core business. For those who have heard of Baidu, most people know it as the Google of China, getting most of its revenue from internet searches.

Google dominates the US market getting 88% of online searches, but Google does not exist in China as they refuse to play by China’s censorship rules. That is where Baidu comes in, although it does not have the same market share as Google, it does dominate with 67% of the China searches. Being that Baidu is based in China, the Chinese government can control it.

The Chinese government does whatever they want in China, and Baidu plays by the government rules, Baidu has more or less a monopoly that the government backs.

In addition, Baidu also offers several other services, just like Google. From maps to news, to Baike, which is the Chinese version of Wikipedia.

Baidu also offers cloud services and it’s AI open platform.

The company also has a streaming video platform named iQIYI, Inc. that is very similar to Netflix or Prime Video, which has over 90 million subscribers.

              Wrap Up

Google is one of the largest US companies, with a current value of nearly $800 billion. The Chinese market is set to explode with all the changes over the next few years, and Baidu’s modest market cap of just $40 billion looks very attractive.

Baidu has positioned itself in some of the most exciting tech markets and is at the center of technology in China.

When the Chinese Nasdaq finally gives access to China investors, this is a stock that we should see sore over the years. Although investing in future technology does come with a fair amount of risks, but if Baidu can continue to execute on its core businesses and hit the marks with autonomous vehicles, this opportunity going to be big.

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