Happy new year to all Option Strategies Insider members!

It was another productive year in 2019 for our investing training and trade alert service. I appreciate everyone who has put their trust in our options trading service. I can speak for everyone at the company by saying it’s something we don’t take lightly.

In this newsletter, I want to have a look back at 2019 and then look ahead to what’s to come in 2020.

We ended up closing 47 trades on the year, winning 43 of those trades, resulting in a final yearly winning percentage of 91%, and an annual ROI of 49%!

Although I am pleased about those figures, I was a bit disappointed I just missed a 50% ROI number!

During the year, we had substantial growth. The word is finally starting to get out that we are the go-to place for accurate and pertinent trading research combined with the moneymaking power of options.

The numbers don’t lie, due to the time and research we put into every trade, the vast majority of our trades are winners from the start, but the few trades that get in trouble, we are able to adapt and adjust and turn what would be losers into winners. Often, making more money from the trade than had we just won it from the start.

We get a lot of people emailing us stating that they signed up for other similar services before finding us, which are often much more expensive, that failed to deliver on their claims. The praises and thank yous we receive for actually delivering on what we advertise makes us want to work that much harder.

We also introduced a fresh new look to the website and 2019, making navigating the site more accessible for all users and an overall a much better user experience.

In addition, we introduced the Ultra membership. We’ve had substantial success with our Executive membership, with trades on average lasting about 30 days. Still, several members asked about longer-term strategies that allowed traders to execute a trade and then sit back and watch that trade increase in value month after month.

These types of trades usually involve much deeper dives into the research. We have to be right and see the vision of the company for at least a year as we are executing long-term aggressive trading strategies. Fortunately, that’s exactly what we’ve done, our Ultra portfolio I am proud to say as some massive winners in it!

Moving ahead to 2020, we are looking to make even more advancements with our option trading services. We are looking to add another analyst to the team, and we are currently experimenting with two short-term trading strategies.

Short-term strategies are far riskier and have much lower winning percentages, but the bottom line is, it’s all about making money. If we only end up winning 60% of these trades, and the ones we win produce far more profits in the 40% we lose, it’s still worth doing.

We wouldn’t roll out any new strategy without at least a year of testing, so if they end up making the numbers, we would see the strategy rolled out at the end of summer or early fall.

Again, thank you for being a part of the smart investing movement, taking control of one of the most valuable assets you own, your own finances, and let’s have another fantastic year trading in 2020!