Trade Statistics

Here are my trade statistics over the last several years of trading options.

Trade stats are logged from January 2010 to present. I trade conservative by taking off risky positions to help ensure I dodge any large monthly losses. This results in slightly lower returns but an overall increased winning percentage. Remember, past results do not guarantee any future results, although a good indicator about what to expect. I have been a trader since 2000 and traded as a market maker for TFM and Goldman Sachs. I have since left, switching teams, becoming an expert home trader. I have created this site so you can see what I do and how I make my money multiply today by trading options. Remember, I am not a broker, money manager or anyone of the sort, so do not just blindly do what I do. Make sure you put thought in every trade and agree with what I am doing.

Trade Stats Since 2010

From January 2010 to present, my trade results are as follows, out of 216 total trades I have acquired a winning percentage of 78% and a total return of over 30% annually.

Results are updated monthly and do not include any commission fees.

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