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There’s no doubt about it… to make the best returns in today’s market you have to trade options

  • Options as a Business

    At Option Strategies Insider our mission is to implement a trading strategy that has a high probability of success. Whether markets moves up, down or sideways, our statistical analysis allows us to make money in all markets.

  • Get Educated

    Option Strategies Insider will not only give you high probability of successful trades, but we also educate our individual investors in the art of option trading so they can manage their own money while continuing to beat the market.

  • Get Instant Trade Alerts

    Our stock option trading system comes with trade alerts via, text, Twitter and email. No matter how you prefer to be notified, you will always have instant trade notifications the second a trade gets executed.

The Option Strategies Insider Difference

Welcome to Option Strategies Insider where our passion is trading and our goal is for every member to be successful. Although we cannot guarantee every trade to be a winner, our strategy has given us a success rate at almost 80%. What we do is sell options that will expire anywhere from 30 to 56 days that we believe will expire worthless.

This is what we refer to as selling time. With every passing day the options sold will decay becoming less valuable, we can then buy them back for a much cheaper price or let them expire totally worthless.

What Gives Option Strategies Insider The Edge?

  • At Option Strategies Insider we only choose trades after careful analysis that have a high probability of success. We use statistics and studies to decide on which trades to execute and when to put those trades on for the highest return on investment.

  • We never sell options naked, this is to minimize risk, which eliminate taking on a massive loss in the case of a trade suddenly moving against us. Hedging each trade is essential to ensure long term profits with option trading.

  • We know our risks and rewards for each trade. It is essential to know what our maximum gains, losses and break evens for each trade considered.

  • We make trade adjustments if needed when the market moves against us so we can still salvage profits on a trade that originally took a turn for the worse.

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What You Will Receive With Membership

  • 3-6 trade suggestions per month. This will easily pay for itself in just the first month of membership. We research hundreds of possible traders per month and release only the best handful to our members. These include credit spreads, iron condors, butterfly spreads, calendar spreads and occasionally, a covered call.
  • Instant trade alerts. You get real time trade alerts via text, Twitter, or email. Choose your preferred method of delivery for option trade alerts or receive all three.
  • My option trading beginner’s book. Education is key when it comes to option trading and I want to get you up to speed as quickly as possible. That is why I include my Definitive Guide To Options Trading: The Beginners Guide To Making Money At Home With Options free with purchase.
  • Access to the professional trader. As a former Lead Market Maker, I love talking about options, so feel free to ask me any questions you might have regarding option trading.

Get In While You Still Can

There’s a limited number of space available so get in while you still can. Obviously I cannot have thousands of people trying to place the same trade; this is why I am limiting the number of memberships given out. Membership’s access will only be given as new space becomes available.

Just remember in one month you will likely make back your membership fee tenfold. Join today and instantly make a professional option trading friend who is going to give you all his secrets.

All Members Get My Book Free With Membership

Definitive Guide To Options Trading – The Beginners Guide To Making Money At Home With Options This book makes understanding options easy, from the different order types and their advantages and disadvantages to actually trading, this book makes options a breeze.

You also get my talked about section “What They Don’t Want You To Know”, Only other Market Makers know these secret details and now I am the first to share them with the public.

Membership as low as $66 month. You will make this back tenfold within the first month of membership. Once you join this price will be locked in forever and cannot be increased for any reason, even when we raise the price for new members.

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