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Chris Douthit

From the desk of: Chris Douthit, a former Lead Market Maker for Goldman Sachs, financial author, Certified Scrum Product Owner and investment analyst who wins over 90% of his trades.

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I have been trading options for over 20-years, and there is no better means to make money in the market than options, especially in volatile times. I am willing to provide you with my training for free in this offer.

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My name is Chris Douthit, and I have been featured on most of the top trading media outlets worldwide. Some of these include,,, and many more.

My elegant training tutorials are renowned for making options easy to understand for all types of investors, while my trading strategies continue to put money in my member's pockets month after month.

I show users the power of controlling stock for a fraction of the price compared to buying the stock itself. My trading methods allow my members to create dramatic returns while only using a small amount of capital.

I Want to Make Sure You Have The Tools to Succeed

Market Beating Returns. Our goal is to continuously beat the market by understanding the strategies that produce a high probability of success.

How to Profit in Any Market. It does not matter if the market is going up, down, or sideways, options allow us to capitalize on any market.

Use Logic – Not Guessing. Guessing is not a strategy for long term success; learn how to find and execute winning trades just like a professional trader.

Understanding the Markets. It’s important to know what is at risk and probability of all aspects of the trade, including how to adjust when necessary.

Still Have a Life. Our trading style has a high success rate and does not require constant attention so you can spend the bulk of your time doing what you love.

Start Small and Scale Up. You don’t need hundreds of thousands of dollars to trade options. In fact, it's better to start out small and scale up over time.

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Option Strategies Insider is the true and easy way to understanding options strategies while trading with confidence. Grow you opportunities today.

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What We Do

My team and I are constantly researching and following the market, including the companies themselves, the overall market, politics, the federal reserve, and any other related news. We do deep dives into sectors and businesses to see which companies are likely to have short term success or failure, making the appropriate trade to capitalize and generate profits.

This is the same powerful strategies practiced by high net worth individuals from around the world and continues to pay off year after year.

We then send out real-time trade notifications with the exact trade and in-depth logic for all members so they can take advantage of our research and emulate our success.

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