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I don’t know anyone who thinks raising the interest rates right now is a good idea. Well I guess it’s a good idea if you don’t care which way the market moves. It is fine for option traders as we can make money when the market moves down as well. I got a feeling that is exactly where it is going.

For the short term make sure you hedge all your long stock positions if you wish to keep them on. At we are doing to concentrate on selling upside call options over the next few weeks unless the market shows us something different.

The right positions are going to be key to making money until things settle down.

Seems like a lot of bad situations happening in the world right now. On top of that European Banker Mario Draghi announced his initiatives for Europe and it did not deliver what the market expected.

Draghi’s less aggressive plan has two effects, the Europeen stock markets were flattened and the dollar plummeted verses the euro.

Lots of uncertainty in the market right now, which raises volatility and leads to higher profits for successful option trades.