A young man steps on stage in front of a silent audience.

He pulls a pair of white Calvins from his pocket. You can hear a few giggles as he steps into them, stumbling a bit as he catches a foot in the briefs.

He snaps the band at his waist and confronts the audience, hands on hips.

“Hey Loser! How do you like your new school uniform?”

He’s not play-acting. Those were the words of Darren Tay’s high school bully, who he calls out by name on stage at the World Championship of Public Speaking.

Tay immediately lightened the mood with a comedic hypothetical question: was the underwear clean?

I guess we’ll never know.

But what’s certain is that Tay earned his place in the final round of the Toastmasters International competition. He’d survived more than 6 months of public speaking contests that had whittled the field down from more than 30,000 international competitors to just a handful.

“Ever wonder why bullies tell you the exact sequence by which they’re going to bully you?” he asks the delighted audience.

He’s not making light of the issue. In fact, Tay was so affected by his bully that as a teen, he says, there were times he could not eat or sleep.

This is the beginning of the thesis he masterfully develops throughout his 8-minute speech: that as his wise aunt once told him, the way to deal with bullies is not to run and hide.

The way to deal with bullies is to outsmart and outlast.

Tay outsmarted that first bully, but encountered one far bigger and badder in his adult life. You’ll be surprised to discover who it was, and how he finally outsmarted and outlasted them.

Great public speaking is no easy feat! Darren Tay’s self-deprecating humor, masterful storytelling and engaging personality shine through for the duration of his speech. His ability to inspire and surprise the audience has them hanging on his every word and for this, he’s now the champion of the World Championship of Public Speaking.

Check out Tay’s full speech — it’s a message worth watching!

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