Say More on StockTwits with 1000 Characters

We are excited to announce that, starting today, you can now share and learn more about the stocks you care about on StockTwits with an increased character limit of 1000.

Over the months of testing 1000 characters in StockTwits Rooms, we learned that new character limit greatly enhanced the quality of the conversation without degrading from the core essence of the StockTwits experience. We found that only a small percentage of messages exceed our current 140 character limit, and the ones that do are much higher quality. This enabled community members to post ideas and updates that were previously difficult to express on StockTwits, which is why we turned it on for all posts across StockTwits — not just those in Rooms.

The expanded character limit is live for everyone on StockTwits web, as well as in the latest versions of our iOS and Android Apps, so be sure to update your apps.

This is a major change for the overall platform and community, one that we believe will massively benefit the community as a whole. We’re excited to see all the ways it will be used.

As always, please let us know if you have any issues or have any feedback.

To see it in action, look no further than this post from StockTwits community member Lach14:

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