If you want to create a powerful Facebook chatbot, use this checklist before launching one!

Things You Need to Do Before Launching Your Customer Service Chatbot

1. Make sure that before making chatbots, you have already established the personality you want your chatbot to have. It should have a unique voice that reflects your brand’s style, tone and language.
2. When implementing chatbot marketing, always try to personalize the messages you send to people.
3. No matter what type of chatbots you have, your bot should always include a way for people to unsubscribe.
4. Check that your email notification settings are correct, otherwise you’ll miss important updates about your messenger bot.
5. The best chatbots are discoverable. Here are 5 genius ways to promote your bots.
6. Use click to messenger ads.
7. Utilize customer chat plugins. Make sure you know how to add a chatbot to wordpress site
8. Use the (m.me Link)messenger shortened URL on your website, blogs, or newsletters.
9. Submit your messenger bot to be seen in the discovery tab.


Questions to ask yourself before launching your bot:

1. Is your bot stable?
2. Does the bot specify your customer’s interest?
3. Do the functions work properly?
4. Does your bot respond quickly?
5. Is your bot able to handle all user input, including random inputs gracefully?
6. When your Messenger bot receives an unexpected input, does it fail gracefully?
7. If it fails, are people able to recover or restart the experience?
8. Is there a clear path for interacting with your bot from start to finish?
9. Do you offer enough guidance and context along the way for a person to know their options at any given point?
10. Do the buttons direct to the correct landing page?
11. Does the bot answer your business goals (a satisfying customer service support chatbot, ability to schedule meetings, etc?)

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