Howard Lindzon of Lindzanity, Now on StockTwits Premium Rooms

Premium Rooms is an amazing platform, and the only platform where you’ll receive exclusive access to my current ideas, trades, and other market minutiae I’m following. So, get started with a free trial today, and I look forward to seeing you in Lindzanity.

What Entrepreneur Magazine Says About Howard Lindzon
“A prolific blogger and serial entrepreneur (StockTwits is his crown jewel), Lindzon is founder and general partner at Social Leverage, an eclectic seed fund. He typically finds entrepreneurs before they find him. Here’s what he likes: founders who show grit, solve problems and won’t crumple in chaos. Here’s what he ignores: business-news TV and spreadsheet-based decisions. His fund’s average investment: about $600,000.”

To follow Howard Lindzons trades, visit Lindzanity on StockTwits to subscribe today. You’ll only find this level of insight from Howard and others on Premium Rooms, ideas that matter on a platform you trust.

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