A guide to buying dips, and selling rips

BTFD stands for Buy The F’ing Dip.

STFR stands for Sell The F’ing Rip.

I would like to take moment to educate the masses on these two terms. If you run certain circles, you already know what BTFD and STFR mean. You can stop reading. This might be too easy for you. But if you don’t, and want to up your whole look, this post is for you.

To explain BTFD and STFR I will show you two charts. The first is for BTFD. There’s an uptrend, it’s a bull market. Things are going well, and demand is going off the charts. In this luscious market environment, dips are gifts. Dips are your best friend. Like Jeff Bezos once told a founder before he bought his company outright, dips are the octopus you must have!

Buying Dips in an uptrend

So BTFD is buying dips in an uptrend. You’re looking for the best moments to add or lower your cost basis. Your mindset is focused around one thing and one thing only: dips are life.

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But no market or crypto or stock goes up forever.

Sometimes the asset you’re watching starts to drop, fade, or go sideways. It falls out of demand, or it messes something up, or it just needs to chill after climbing higher for years. It’s at that point when you must adjust your mindset. Maybe now is the time to harvest gains, or to add some exposure by shorting. This is when STFR begins. Sell the f’ing rip!

Selling RIPS in a Downtrend

Of course these charts make it look a little too easy. And yes, everything is perfect in hindsight. But we’re not here to debate the laws of reality. We are instead talking about the mindsets that govern markets when they’re going up or down. BTFD when things are trending up, STFR when things are trending down.

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