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Something odd is happening with today's financial system, according to The Financial Times, there’s going to be a flood of cash headed right to the bank accounts of those who have prepared themselves properly.

Merely buying stocks or indexes is not going to work and will likely cost investors big time! Fortunately, options allow us to make money no matter which way the market moves.

Option Strategies Insider is dedicated to examining both fundamental and technical research, finding the crack in the market, then executing the appropriate strategy to capitalize on the opportunity.

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What You Can Expect From Our Membership

High probability trading that leads to consistent results and long term success

  • Market Beating Returns. Our goal is to continuously beat the market by understanding the strategies that produce a high probability of success.
  • How to Profit in Any Market. It does not matter if the market is going up, down, or sideways, options allow us to capitalize on any market.
  • Use Logic –Not Guessing. Guessing is not a strategy for long term success; learn how to find and execute winning trades just like a professional trader.
  • Understanding the Markets. It’s important to know what is at risk and the probability of all aspects of the trade, including how to adjust when necessary.
  • Still Have a Life. Our trading style has a high success rate and does not require constant attention so you can spend the bulk of your time doing what you love.
  • Start Small and Scale Up. You don’t need hundreds of thousands of dollars to trade options. In fact, it's better to start out small and scale up over time.
  • Consistent Income It’s important to understand the relationship between risk and reward and the probability of success that comes along with each trade.
  • The Top-Rated Course We’re consistently rated the top online option trading course and for good reason. Our course is up-to-date, easy to understand, entertaining, and highly informative.

You guys are doing a great job since I started following you. Before that I had been trying to trade options in a totally different way and in the process, only winning about half of my trades. Your membership has shown me how to attack the market in the most efficient way. Thank you guys!

Danny Miller
Danny Miller

I have learned so much from my membership here, so glad I found you guys as now I find investing to be fun! Your course is easy to watch, has a clear delivery, and I leave with a new understanding of what I need to do to trade options successfully. One of the best memberships I have ever bought, really!

Mark Chin
Mark Chin

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Option Strategies Insider is one of the world’s highest-regarded investment training and research center. Chris Douthit’s trading philosophy is the same powerful strategies practiced by high net worth individuals from around the world and continues to pay off year after year.  This membership is focused on helping members generate continued profits through trading.