Most people probably don’t know much about my life back before my professional trading days, back in the 1990s, in my high school and college years, I was a big-time video gamer.

I took gaming very seriously, any game I played I wanted to be the best, and I wasted hours every day making sure I was.

I remember one time when I was 18 years old, I traveled to Seattle for a family reunion. I ended up going to the mall one day and quickly found my way to the arcade. Here, to my surprise, I saw the first release of Streetfighter Championship Edition. There were 10 to 15 people surrounding the machine with their quarters up waiting their turn.

I wasted no time getting in line.

What I found was, the competition in Seattle just wasn’t as good as the competition in the San Francisco Bay Area. I ended up holding the machine for about an hour and a half, defeating roughly 50 opponents straight before finally losing a match.

A few years later, the Internet became more mainstream, and with it, more advanced games. Here players could play against players all over the world, not just those who decide to hit the arcade that day.

I was addicted to playing games like Quake and Quake 2, but the game I loved the most was the strategy game Age of Empires. Here you had to build up a civilization, create an army, and then crush your opponent trying to do the same. When I ended up graduating from college, I was the number one ranked Age of Empires player in the world ranked by Microsoft’s

Over the next decade, I got more and more into my career, and video games took a backseat to other more critical elements in my life, in my mid-40s now, I haven’t even picked up a controller in years, but doesn’t mean the industry hasn’t moved ahead.

In fact, the video game industry is far more prominent today than I could’ve ever imagined.

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