With the stock market floundering at close to all-time high levels, and debates about trade heading into the weekend, we need to be sure about our positions.

With Google falling back down to the $1080 level, this has opened up another opportunity.

Google has a lot of things going for it when you take a look at its potential growth and current profitability, it is definitely cheap at this level.

It has caught my attention because it has recently fallen behind the broader market.

This fall was brought on by two factors. First, Google’s April earnings were a disappointment for investors. Although Google’s earnings did beat estimates, the street was expecting a 15% revenue growth, which was missed.

Second, the US Department of Justice announced it was looking into antitrust investigations on Google. Although this has scared off many investors, in the long run it’s a reason to get into a stock not back away.

For example, In 1998 Microsoft was hit with the same thing, over the next year shares crushed the S&P 500.

Two decades before that the government broke up a true monopoly AT&T for owning all the phone lines. After the deal was final, the stocks it broke into sored for the next decade.

So, I am not that concerned about the antitrust investigation and with the market resetting due to poor earnings I want to bet that Google catches the S&P 500.

Our risk here is that the S&P 500 could fall in a big way if trade does not go over well, I would prefer not to catch the S&P 500 that way. However, in the event that S&P does fall, Google should be a stock that holds up well.